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Cynthia's lawyers Paul J. Minnilo and Christian A. Jenkins was a Miniro & Founded in 2007, LPA, Jenkins Co., Ltd. Since its inception, Miniro & Amplifier; Jenkins has grown from his founding member to nine lawyers.

Established in 2007


Our goal is a good legal representation, and we cannot achieve it unless you have access to it. We have high qualifications, but we do not intend to exclude you with unnecessary legal terms or unknown procedures. We're really here to help you, above all else. Please contact us and discuss it today.

For the past 17 years, Paul J. Miniro has built one of the most successful and highly regarded bankruptcy activities in southern Ohio.   Meanwhile, Minio succeeded in representing thousands of individuals, families and small and medium businesses in Chapter 7, 11 and 13 of Ohio.  nnillo is one of the few bankruptcy lawyers in the area that proceed with the special procedures for the release of student loans.  nnillo stands out among bankruptcy business men through the procedures in Chapter 11 of complex individuals and small and medium businesses.

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Recent Minnilo Jenkins was wonderful in my bankruptcy case. My lawyer, Molly S. Simmons, was very useful, able to put my case together and bring it to court in a few weeks. I have been fired twice in recent years, and I feel like I've failed, and I have had a very hard time. Molly never thought she had done something wrong, and she remembered what had happened. I am very happy that I am waiting for the release now and can experience a good company. Many people, Minnilo & Amplifier, had such a hard time with lawyers; I know someone who recommends. If you're looking for someone who can help you get through this tough time and take care of you, Jenkins.

01/02/2021 02:54am