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The LLC Tibs Legal Office was established in March 2011 and currently provides services to customers in Ohio County. Hamilton, Butler, Clellmont, Warren and North Kentucky commercial customers. Provides services based on the Family Act (Divorce, Dissolution, Child Care, Support), the Protection Act (Real Estate Planning and Real Estate Management), the Business Act (Establishment of Entities, Contracts and Dissolution of Organizations), and the Real Estate (Rights and Land Contracts). Our lawyer is trained in the practice of joint law. We believe in the power of a collaborative process as the best way to solve family and business disputes instead of litigation. In addition, lawyers are trained by the Guardian Ad Ritems to provide customers with their own family law perspective.

Established in 2011


LLC Tibbs Law Office, a law firm in Ohio, works for Greater Cincinnati, and works for customers in North Kentucky. We focus on finding practical, creative solutions to achieve your personal and business goals with a broad range of legal issues. We divorce, protect, raise children, real estate, real estate management, business formation, contract and amplifier; Services are available in the area of. Lease negotiations, evictions, light crime defense, felony defense, and many other areas

Daryl C. Tibs is a proud graduate of William Mason High School.  In 2006, a bachelor 's degree at the University of Miami and a master's degree at the University of Xavier in 2007.  Daryle has enrolled at the law school at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.  Daryle worked for a small company in Dayton, Ohio, just after taking the Ohio Judiciary Exam.   She passed the bar exam and became an associate lawyer for the company in May 2010.   After working with the company for about a year, Daryle established its LLC Tibbs law office in Cincinnati, Ohio, in March 2011. In May 2016,  Daryle obtained a practice license in Kentucky.

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